500 Attendees for NES Great Skate Party at Sparkles

Nickajack Elementary Foundation raised $62,000 over a month long Back the Jack campaign. We culminated Nickajack’s successes and celebrated with a skate party.

Nearly 500 people attended the 2016 Great Skate at Sparkles on Sunday. Families enjoyed a fun party with skating, games and food. Parents and students had an opportunity to mingle and play with over 30 Nickajack Elementary staff outside school walls.

“This event was amazing.” Mr. Hill, Nickajack Elementary Principal continues, “We laughed. We skated. We ran. We sweated. We had a good time together.”GreatSkate2016_46

The kids enjoyed playing games on the skating rink. There were priceless moments with students racing against Mr. Hill and other staff with one skate.

Face painting was a hit for the little ones. Kids lined up to get their face painted with rainbows and favorite characters. Others played cup stacking game and ping pong shake.

“I skated. I played a few games, and had fun with friends. I had a good time today,” says Sara Anne Levine, a 5th Grader.

Families captured moments at the photo booth. This was not your normal photo shoot. Attendees took photos with their favorite hashtags or dressing up in silly props and outfits.