BACK the JACK Drawing Rules

Rules for Nickajack Elementary Foundation (NEF) Drawing

Each $125 entry gains one raffle entry for the two prizes. 

The board chooses the prize each year.  The 2018-2019 campaign prizes are a professional family photo session and a family 4-pack of season passes to Six Flags.

Each donation of $125 will receive an entry.  For example, a donation of $250 will get two drawing entries.  Donations in partial increments of $125 will not be “rounded up.”  For example, a donation of $300 will still net two entries, not three.

Corporate sponsors will not gain entries based on their corporate donations.

NEF board members and their children are ineligible for the drawing.

The drawing will take place at the Great Skate event on September 14, 2018.  Attendance is not required to win.

Rules for Class Participation Prizes

During the campaign, the board may announce various class participation incentives. 

The class participation percentage will be determined by dividing the number of students in a class who have donated to the campaign divided by the number of students in the class.

Teachers who donate to the campaign will not be counted towards their own class participation but may have their donations counted for each child they have attending the school.

The number of students in the class will be determined by the class numbers given to us by the school office staff.

Each student will count only once towards the class participation number.  For example, if a student has contributed on three separate occasions, the student is still counted only once for participation.  Likewise, if different contributions are given on behalf of the same student (from parents, grandparents, etc), the student is only counted once towards class participation.

Corporate donations can count towards a particular students’ participation if that is noted at the time of donation.

The board reserves the right to create a threshold contribution to count for participation (for example, only donations $20 and above count as participation).  As of this time (2018-2019 Campaign) there is no threshold.  Any contribution counts as participation.