Board of Directors

2016-2017 Foundation Board Members:

Beth Park, President – (email)
Diane Clark, Vice President of Revenue – (email)
Yogini Patel, Vice President of Expenditures – (email)
Tim Christie, Treasurer –  (email)
Monique Hubbard, Secretary – (email)
Teri Wheaton, Communications/Marketing Director – (email)
Adam Higgins, Creative Director – (email)
Stacy Levine, Campaign Director – (email)
Kathy Young, Sponsorship Director – (email)
Genell Higgins, Event Director – (email)
Nicole Weber, Teacher/Staff Liaison – (email)
Amanda Wood, Teacher/Staff Liaison – (email)
Adam Hill, NES Principal – (email)

Dina Gundersen, Teacher Grant Liaison  (email)
Portia Carter, Community Liaison (email)