Back the Jack is in Full Swing. Are you with Us?

Back the Jack is the Nickajack Elementary Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign. The campaign starts today and ends September 15th. This is the seventh year the foundation will raise money to supplement educational expenses for Nickajack Elementary School.

The donations to the Nickajack Elementary School Foundation help put technology into the hands of our kids. With classroom enrichments such as iPads, sound boxes, rocket launchers, and computer programming equipment, our children have the resources to be curious, creative, and academically competitive. This fall, we have their backs as they go to school.

Join us. Let’s come together as a community and collectively back our students and teachers.

“I donated to the foundation every year. I’m a supporter of what they are doing. It means so much to the staff with the grants. It will have a lasting impression on the students. It’s a great group of community and parent support, and they’re only here for the education of our kids,” says Ms. Deryl Heflin, Teacher.

End of Year Update: We Hit Our Goal

First, the Nickajack Elementary Foundation wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This was a terrific year for the Nickajack Elementary Foundation, and that is largely in part to your generous support.

We hit our goal of $72,000. The apple is full. We awarded over $12,000 in teacher grants that Nickajack Elementary students are benefiting from as we speak.

Corporate matches continue to trickle in, and helped tremendously. If you haven’t inquired with your employer regarding matching your donation, please do so. The corporate matching was a big part of us reaching our goal over the last few weeks.

Nickajack Elementary Foundation Featured on Cobb County’s CobbCast

The foundation was featured on Cobb County’s CobbCast, a blog that spreads the good news regarding schools in Cobb County.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Ringing bells and cheering parents broke the quiet of Nickajack Elementary School hallways as the Nickajack Foundation prize patrol rushed down the halls, bundles of red and blue balloons trailing behind them. The Foundation members surprised 18 Nickajack teachers with grants totaling more than $12,000.

Nickajack Principal Adam Hill referred to the prize patrol’s noise as an “intentional disruption” in the halls.

“The hope is that the other teachers hear and see the commotion, as do their students, and that it inspires the teachers to write a grant next year,” Hill explained.

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$68,000 and Counting

The Back the Jack campaign was successful.  The donation total is $68,000. However, we continue to receive corporate matching dollars. The total donation amount will grow over the next few weeks.

The foundation started to use the donations, and put the donations in the hand of the Nickajack teachers. On September 23, we awarded 18 teachers grants.

Although the campaign ended, tax deductible donations are much appreciated and accepted anytime.

It was awesome to see the entire community rise and gather to improve Nickajack Elementary and enhance the education of our children.

Foundation Awards Teacher Grants

The Nickajack Elementary Foundation awards over $12,000 in teacher grants. Foundation board members surprised teachers with grants the Friday before Cobb County School District fall break.

Nickajack Elementary School Teacher Grant Recipients

Dina Espenshied (4th Grade)
iPads for STEAM Based Learning & Coding

Dannielle McClure (K-5 Speech Specialist)
Creation Lab Materials

Deryl Heflin (Science Lab Specialist)
Science Lab Supplies

Sharon Penquite (Early Instructional Program)
Read 180 Independent Reading Area Materials

Deryl Heflin (Science Lab Specialist) and Leslie Maples (5th Grade)
Professional Development, GSTA Annual Meeting

Karen Harrison (Early Instructional Program)
Read 180 Program materials

Stephanie Tucker, Amanda Smiley, Heather Hunt, Katie Morris (1st Grade)
Comfortable Seats for a Comfortable Environment

Stephanie Burns (2nd Grade)
Flexible Seats for Flexible Learning

Dina Espenshied (4th Grade)/ Karen Harrison (Early Instructional Program)
Professional Development, GA Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Diane Kordel (DLI Spanish, Kindergarten)
Dual Language Immersion Math/Reading and Sound Box

Jessica Milovich (Kindergarten) and Amanda Newman (1st Grade) – K-1 Multi Age
4 OSMO Camera Kits

Sarah Lasiter (4th Grade)
Classroom Computers

Jennifer Salter (Target)
Mini Number Balance Kit and Cooperative Engineer Kits

Joanna Aenchbacher (1st Grade)
Professional Development KSU ESOL Conference

Classroom Contest Winners Announced

Stacy Levine, BACK the JACK Campaign Director, announced the winners (yes plural!) of the Classroom Participation GreatSkate2016_77Contest during the Great Skate on Sunday. The winner ofrom the K-2nd grades was Ms. Kordel’s Kindergarten class, and the winner for the 3-5th grades was Ms. Espenshied’s 4th grade class Both classes win a pizza and snow cone party for their class in October!

Siracusa’s Pizzeria will be providing the pizza for the parties – THANK YOU to Dave and the Siracusa’s team!

Great job everyone for spreading the word about BACK the JACK!

Last Week to Win an iPad – BACK the JACK!

BEAT-BTJ-buttonWe are in the final push for the 2016 BACK the JACK campaign!  Remember your donations will go to fund iPads for the school, technology enhancements for our Media Center/Leaning Commons and fund our awesome Teacher Grant program!

Make you tax deductible donation today! Then join us to celebrate the campaign on Sunday at the Great Skate party at Sparkles Smyrna!