Call for Proposals

2019 Nickajack Elementary Foundation ‘STEAM’ Teacher Grant Program

The Nickajack Elementary Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2010 to supplement educational expenses which allow Nickajack to keep our children’s education competitive in all areas of learning. The primary mission of the Foundation is to raise money that will allow Nickajack administrators and faculty to fund enriched curriculum programs, student services, and technology.

Purpose of Grant Program
The Foundation will award grants to support faculty who have a unique idea for a project or professional development opportunity that will supplement your regular classroom curriculum. Preference will be given to faculty who are passionate about integrating science, technology and/or the arts to create a more engaging experience for their students. We encourage team submissions, but individual submissions will also be considered.

Funding Opportunities
1. Project-based Grants: Nickajack Elementary faculty members are invited to apply for Foundation grants to help bring an innovative hands-on project to their own classroom. The Foundation strongly encourages projects or planned events led by individual teachers or teams of teachers for their classrooms or grade level. Applications must be centered on project-based learning.
We do not consider requests solely for computers or materials (e.g., furniture, tables, speakers) that are not related to a clearly identified STEAM project.

Materials funded stay at the school.

Many successful grantees have designed projects that tap in to the natural curiosity of their students and enable students to frame their own questions. Projects funded in 2018 include:
a. Zentner: Virtural Reality for Target
b. Easom/Sheppard (for all Kindergarden): Smarty Plants
c. Robbins: Edmark Reading Tech Tub

2. Professional Development: Nickajack Elementary faculty are invited to apply for professional development opportunities that will help them bring their best new teaching ideas to life. Projects funded in 2018 include:
a. Heflin/Maples: GSTA Conference
b. Smiley/Morris/Butler/Kordel/Tucker/Joiner: Teach Your Heart Out Conference

How to Apply
1. Submit letter of intent online by May 24, 2019 (Round 1) or August 16, 2019 (Round 2). Letter must include a 2-3 sentence grant idea summary and estimated projected cost. The letter of intent should be submitted to Following review and approval, you will be invited to complete the full grant application.
2. Complete grant application. Application must include completed blue form* and signature from, Kathy Summers, NES bookkeeper as well as signature from, NES Principal, Laura Meyer, prior to submission. Final applications (with all required forms and signatures) are to be submitted to the front office by Wednesday, September 11, 2019, at 3:30. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

*Blue forms should indicate cost of materials for project or professional development – including taxes and shipping.

Please see Ms. Summers for a list of tax-exempt suppliers available to the school.
If you have any questions, need to cultivate an idea, or just want to get our thoughts before moving forward, feel free to reach out to the Grant Liaison Jennifer Suggs at